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The weeks you own may fall under high or low season, but by no means are you bound to these weeks alone - our rental programme will gladly help you exchange weeks with another timeshare owner, allowing for the kind of flexibility you might desire. And if one year you choose not to come at all, we will also take care of seeing that your home pays for itself. The management of Bird Island Villas will make a careful selection of discriminating clientele desiring the unique and exclusive type of holiday Bird Island offers. We are currently accumulating a database of interested renters which is growing at a phenomenal rate.

This programme will provide a welcome return on investment while making sure that your villa is well taken care of. And, like most things in the Bahamas, rental income is non-taxable. The rental of a one-bedroom villa during the off-season will be upwards of $400 per night, with a minimum stay of five nights offered. Therefore, with just a few weeks rental of your entitled occupancy (if you can bare not to be here that is), your villa will have paid for itself. So why not share the dream...

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