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Bird Island Villas has been designed with the utmost of care and attention, and the very same ethos will apply at the building stage, scheduled to begin within the next few weeks. The plans, designed and drawn up by an esteemed local architect and licensed engineer, have already been submitted, approved and signed off by the Town Planning Board and Ministry of Works. All villas will be built according to a very strict building code; we have consulted only with leading contractors and engineers, each of whom have international accreditation.

Villas will be available for advance purchase from four weeks to 52 weeks per year, making you the sole owner of your chosen villa for those parts of the year that suit you best. Fixed weeks of purchase need not be consecutive as you are free to choose those weeks from the calendar which suit you best. By obtaining a block of weeks, the dream of a perfect villa in paradise can be yours without the hassle and stress of maintenance, upkeep and rental - and at a fraction of the cost of a freehold.*

We at Bird Island Villas also know that your schedule can be demanding and unpredictable and, therefore, it is also possible to choose to have your weeks floating; all you need to do is book your weeks at the start of each year. And if you should decide one year that you do not wish to spend your weeks luxuriating on the island, you can rent your villa out directly, or take advantage of the Bird Island Rental Programme, allowing us to do the work for you.

Bird Island Villas will break ground shortly and if you buy early you will benefit from our Phase I advanced purchase plan. This not only entitles you to a luxury home at a reduced cost, but it is anticipated that by Phase II, when Bird Island is fully operational, your investment will have seen a return of more than 30%. An advance purchase also means you will have first choice when deciding which weeks of the year you would like the villa to be your own.

the Sanderling (1-bedroom) PHASE I PHASE II
Low season $5000 $6500
High season $7000 $9100
the Woodstar (2-bedroom)    
Low season $6500 $8450
High season $8500 $11,0500
the Emerald (2-bedroom deluxe)    
Low season $9500 $12,300
High season $11,500 $14,9500

Each timeshared villa will include:

  1. a 999-year occupancy leasehold for 4-52 weeks per year;
  2. a 1000 square metre plot of land including private beachfront access;
  3. unlimited use of all island facilities during your period of purchase;
  4. water and sewage connections, electricity and telephone lines.

A modest yearly service charge of $550 per four-week purchase will be payable in order to cover the cost of Bird Island Villa's exclusive quality care as well as all island maintenance. This small service charge ensures that your investment is carefully looked after, whether you or on the island or not.

You will find all documents of title properly prepared and Bird Island Villas will, on your behalf, register your investment with both the Foreign Investment Board and the Exchange Control at the Central Bank of the Bahamas, and thereby relieve you of any unnecessary paperwork.


*Bird Island Villas will qualify under the Hotel Encouragement Act thereby assisting us in offering the villas at this discounted rate.

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