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Bird Island Villas is unique in its approach to island life. With only seven percent of the land used for development, the majestic natural habitat of the island is left entirely undisturbed. On Bird Island you will be enveloped in tropical serenity from the privacy of your own private villa, yet without forgoing the comforts, amenities and facilities of an exclusive holiday resort. Our siteplan will show you where everything is located.

Only eight villas will be built on Bird Island and each offers the utmost of privacy and luxury. The villas are situated to offer a range of experiences; five villas will be built around the perimeter of the island providing ocean views and a private stretch of beach, and three will be built amongst the palm and bougainvillaea, affording a true inner-island feel. Whether you choose the one-bedroom Sanderling, the two-bedroom Woodstar, or the two-bedroom deluxe Emerald villa, all your imaginable needs will be met with the highest standard of luxury and comfort.

The time you spend on Bird island will be exactly as you wish, active or relaxing, adventurous or serene.

A circulation path joins all villas to the island's centre, the Nightingale pavilion, where mouth-watering meals prepared fresh from the sea are served at your request, exotic drinks are enjoyed at the poolside bar, and games of tennis are played beneath the setting sun on the all-weather court. Further down the island, the path leads to a second, more secluded, freshwater swimming pool, forming a natural aviary on route with many rest stops and palm-tied hammocks. On Bird Island none of your desires go unattended. If calypso music entices, a band from one of the neighbouring islands will be brought in for a night of starlit dancing, and round-the-clock access to a selection of boats are always ready to whisk you off on an adventure or gentle sail through the Cays. The staff of Bird Island, including the resident chef, personal housekeepers, and groundskeeper, will do their very best to accommodate your every need and whim, making your new home everything you have ever dreamed of.

Still, for those seeking a more secluded, tranquil stay, you needn't ever see another island resident. The four separate stretches of beach and dense palm grove separating the villas from one another ensure your boundless privacy. Local foods can be brought in by boat from the neighbouring islands allowing you to prepare your own meals and dine alfresco on your own private terrace or beach, with only the stars to guide you. Your days can be spent listening to nothing but the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore, watching the exuma emerald sip nectar from the hibiscus, and peacefully dozing beneath the glorious Bahamian sun. With no vehicles allowed on the island, and phones and televisions only installed at your request, nothing need disturb your halcyon days.

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