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Welcome to Bird Island.

Just above the Tropic of Cancer in the Great Bahama Bank lies this secluded, uninhabited gem of an island. Measuring one mile from sea to sea with over twelve acres of untouched land, Bird Island is one of the scarce remaining shares of paradise.

Like all the islands of the glittering Exuma Cays, Bird Island has remained entirely unspoiled. Teeming with pink flamingos, long-tailed tropicbirds and the remarkable exuma emerald, the island is an untouched tropical haven; night-blooming cereus and tiny straw lilies grow wildly amidst the dense coconut palm while pristine white sand beaches are skirted by turquoise waters and brilliant coral reefs.

But wait, read on...

The idyllic location, the intimate scale of the island and its tropical beauty are all reasons why Bird Island is the perfect spot for an exclusive hideaway resort. As the building schedule approaches, plans for Bird Island Villas are nearing completion. With the option of one-, two-, and two-bedroom deluxe villas, Bird Island offers all you could ever want for your own private getaway.

Buying into the Bird Island Dream is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Promising not only an escape from city life, Bird Island guarantees a luxurious lifestyle tempered only to the rhythm of your own, unique desires.

imageSo by all means, join us...

You are on your way to becoming a partner in paradise.

With only eight villas in total to be built on Bird Island, an early registration is highly recommended. To secure your place in paradise, take part in the Bird Island Dream.

What more can I say.
See you in the sun.

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